Welcome to St. Mark's Chapel

We invite you to come and worship with us here at St. Mark’s Chapel African Episcopal Church.

Here at St. Mark’s we enjoy culturally relevant, dynamic and vibrant worship…Join Us!

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Building a Community of Faith

St. Mark’s Chapel is building a Community of Faith in the Louisville-Metro area.

It is our desire to knit together people who have been overlooked, underestimated and oppressed, bringing to them freedom, justice, peace and love.

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Ancient Faith With A Modern Flair

Here at St. Mark’s we celebrate the faith that our forefathers preached and delivered to the world and received by all.

We celebrate the sacraments of the Church, while providing an atmosphere of unity and cultural awareness.

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An Afrocentric Perspective of Faith

Here at St. Mark’s we are active in our community.

Our theology expresses an original African perspective.

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The Vestry is the primary elected lay body of the congregation with fiduciary responsibility for the finances of the parish, maintenance of the buildings, advising the rector, and assisting in the development and implementation of church and community-based programs. Vestry persons are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting, serving in staggered terms over a three-year period. To qualify for election a person must be eighteen years of age, a member of St. Mark’s for one year, a pledging and regular giving member of the parish, regular in attendance at worship, and active in the life of the congregation.

Vestry Officers:

Rector’s Warden: who serves a liaison between the congregation and the Vestry, and coordinator of the continuing work of the Vestry, and is chosen By the Rector; works closely with the Rector, and shares and articulates the Rector’s vision.

Accounting Warden: who is responsible for the maintenance of the Budget, and parish finances. The Treasurer who is responsible for the payment of bills and payrolls.

Clerk/Registrar: who takes and prepares the minutes of Vestry meetings, and maintains the parish rolls and records.

Auxiliary Vestry:

The Auxiliary Vestry is elected annually at the Parish Meeting. This body serves as a training resource for potential Vestry persons and to further enhance communications with guilds, organizations, and the congregation. While the Auxiliary Vestry works along with the Vestry, it does not have the canonical authority of the Vestry. Only Vestry persons may vote on matters pertaining to the expenditure of funds, the budget, and contracts. Qualifications for election are the same as for the Vestry.