Welcome to St. Mark's Chapel

We invite you to come and worship with us here at St. Mark’s Chapel African Episcopal Church.

Here at St. Mark’s we enjoy culturally relevant, dynamic and vibrant worship…Join Us!

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Building a Community of Faith

St. Mark’s Chapel is building a Community of Faith in the Louisville-Metro area.

It is our desire to knit together people who have been overlooked, underestimated and oppressed, bringing to them freedom, justice, peace and love.

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Ancient Faith With A Modern Flair

Here at St. Mark’s we celebrate the faith that our forefathers preached and delivered to the world and received by all.

We celebrate the sacraments of the Church, while providing an atmosphere of unity and cultural awareness.

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An Afrocentric Perspective of Faith

Here at St. Mark’s we are active in our community.

Our theology expresses an original African perspective.

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Saint Mark
Disciple – Evangelist – Martyr

Mark the Evangelist (also known as John Mark) was a North-African disciple of the Lord. Mark is said to have founded the Church of Alexandria, one of the most important Patriarchal Sees of early Christianity. His feast day is celebrated on April 25, and his symbol is the winged lion.
Saint Mark the Evangelist, author of the Gospel of Mark in the Holy Scriptures, was one of Jesus Christ’s original 12 disciples.